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Indian Valley is located in the North Marin County Supervisorial District adjacent to the City of Novato.  It has remained a rural pasture and agricultural community for three generations.  Indian Valley is comprised of the  unincorporated portion of the Novato area of approximately 630 acres that lies south of Mill Road between Pacheco Avenue and Trumbull Avenue, and extends to the boundary of the agricultural and open space preserves to the south.  It is not to be confused with the Marin Community College Indian Valley Campus sharing its name.  Indian Valley is located north of the college campus.  The two are connected by a public fire road at the south end of Indian Valley Road but are accessed by two different exits from U.S highway 101.

Indian Valley once consisted of flourishing orchards and chicken ranches.  It now consists principally of single-family housing interspersed with equestrian structures, orchards, and livestock pasture and grazing (cattle and sheep).  The bulk of land ownership in Indian Valley is for parcel sizes ranging from one acre to nearly 45 acres.

IVA’s Charter – The charter helps the County define and preserve the valued attributes of Indian Valley through stewardship of the land, and through a partnership between the residents and the County officials, law enforcers, fire protection experts, animal care groups, and members of the public who use the land for recreation.  The IVA Board serves as a communication hub within this partnership.  Its elected members maintain a dialog regarding issues affecting the land and residents.

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