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How big is the board?

At full capacity there are sixteen (16) members of the Board of Directors, plus the President. Only members whose dues are paid current are eligible to serve as directors or officers. All directors will serve for two (2) years with half of the directors completing their term each year. A voting quorum at any directors meeting consists of six (6) directors.

Do you have to pay to be a member?

Membership dues are currently $20 per year; however as a resident you will receive the newsletter and are welcome at our annual meeting.

Can you help settle a dispute with a neighbor?

No. There may be members on the board with some experience that could advise toward a resolution, but as a board the IVA can’t take sides in any disputes.

Can you stop anyone from building anything?

Our Design Review Committee is in place to represent the conventions of the Indian Valley Specific Plan and its standards so as to keep the character of our community rural. Design review is only merited when a project is notably outside of the parameters of these guidelines.

What exactly do we get for our dues?

The benefits of membership include representation at the County level for issues concerning Indian Valley, such as speeding traffic, watershed management, Open Space safety, etc. We also host Chipper Days for fire management at least once a year. Website management, our newsletter production and mailing, the annual meeting BBQ – are all benefits your dues help pay for. The IVA has a strict policy that any expenditures outside the realm of membership be funded through donations.

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