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IV Specific Plan

The purpose of the Indian Valley Specific Plan is to define land use and conservation guidelines for the Indian Valley community.  These guidelines are used by Community Development Agency staff and the County’s decision making bodies, such as the Deputy Zoning Administrator, the Planning Commission, and the Board of Supervisors, when they review specific applications for development in Indian Valley.  The plan includes policies governing the maximum size of residential development and clarifying language related to sewer connections.  The Indian Valley Specific Plan area encompasses approximately 400 land parcels within the approximately 630-acre unincorporated community of Indian Valley, lying south of Mill Road between Pacheco Avenue and Trumbull Avenue, and generally southwest of the City of Novato.

Sphere of Influence: The Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) was formed by the California State legislature in 1963.  The Marin County LAFCO is comprised of two County Supervisors, two City Council members, two Special District members, and one member from the public.  In 2004 LAFCO conducted a periodic study of the greater Novato area boundaries, including Blackpoint, Greenpoint, Gnoss Field, and Indian Valley.  LAFCO contracted Terry Watt, an urban planner, to do the study and make recommendations.  In conjunction, Sonoma State University did an agricultural study of Indian Valley.  In their study they stated that at certain times of the year there are more animals living in Indian Valley than humans.  A meeting followed at the Fireman’s Fund cafeteria at which all interested parties were invited to express their views prior to a decision by LAFCO.  Sonoma State University, along with consultant Terry Watt, recommended that the Indian Valley area be removed from the Novato Sphere of Influence.  The LAFCO Commission voted unanimously to approve the recommendation.

Although we are in close proximity to Novato, being removed from their Sphere of Influence has allowed us to maintain our lot sizes and the rural atmosphere that makes this area so very special.

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